1. To provide formal motor car driving training to prospective and locally trained drivers
  2. To participate in collaborative activities organized and coordinated by other road safety stakeholders
  3. To provide a flexible training that will enable people who are busy to join with motor car training without missing to their working stations
  4. To provide a course of motor car driving in form of mobile class whereby the class moves to trainee’s home/working station ready for starting training thereafter drop him/her to his/her home/working station after training.
  5. To provide motor car driving students with clash programs for people having shortages of time
  6. To provide a very special motor car driving training for diplomats, foreigners, experts and member of parliaments students whom cannot attend the normal trainings being provided by our local driving schools
  7. To reduce the number of jobless people in Dar Es salaam and Tanzania as well
  8. To increase the number of employment vacancies by giving them means of self employment to youths
  9. Promote the industrial basis by producing competent artisans to be employed in industries